Veesp Best DMCA Ignored Hosting – Reviews & Performance & SpeedTest

When it comes to starting a Veesp website, first thing that comes on your mind is hosting. There are many hosting companies on the market that offers all types and various hosting servers, but it is very hard to choose reliable hosting provider with excellent Veesp uptime and solid and stable service. One of the companies that fits into this category is Veesp, company that serves more than fifteen thousand clients and has different types of product you can choose from – Linux SSD VPS, Linux HDD VPS, Windows VPS and dedicated servers. Company is established in 2004, under the name Fishnet Communications. Company started as broadband network in area of St. Petersburg in Russia. Seven years ago, company started data centar under name of vStoike which was rebranded in 2017 to new and innovative name Veesp.

For many webmasters and bloggers, shared hosting is good option to host a website. But, if you plan to start something bigger and more professional, VPS and eventually dedicated server is a must. Hosting plans can easily be upgraded, so you can start small, and upgrade when things become more serious.

If you are interested in quality VPS for your new project, no matter if you want to start e-commerce, startup, website or something else, you can learn more about Veesp service in the following article. I had a chance to test their servers and I am glad to share my experience with all of you. My review is totally objective because my goal is to offer only high quality VPS and dedicated servers for affordable price and excellent features.

Veesp Products

Veesp has several products you can choose from, and I am presenting most popular one with short description and main features and specifications of each and every product. Veesp offers several different products, starting from Linux SSD VPS to dedicated servers with high performance and maximum security. You can setup everything according to your needs – from billing cycle to operating system.

Veesp Linux SSD VPS

Linux SSD VPS is available in range of 1 vCore CPU to 8 vCores CPU, RAM comes in packages from 512 MB to 32 GB, while disk drive’s size is from 10GB to 320GB. Cheapest plan is 4 dollars per month, with traffic up to 1TB and bandwith of 200Mbps, while price of other plans is 7 dollars per month, 12 dollars per month and twenty five dollars per month, up to 200 dollars per month for biggest SSD 32 package.

CPU1 vCore2 vCores2 vCores4 vCores4 vCores8 vCores8 vCores
PRICE4$ monthly7$ monthly12$ monthly25$ monthly50$ monthly100$ monthly200$ monthly
11.40$ quarterly20$ quarterly34.20$ quarterly71.30$ quarterly142.50$ quarterly285$ quarterly580$ quarterly
21.60$ Semi-Annually37.80$ Semi-Annually64.80$ Semi-Annually135$ Semi-Annually280$ Semi-Annually540$ Semi-Annually1080$ Semi-Annually
40.80$ Annually71.40$ Annually122.40$ Annually255$ Annually510$ Annually1020$ Annually2040$ Annually

Veesp Linux HDD VPS

Linux HDD VPS is a bit cheaper, from 3 dollars/month to 20 dollars/month, with same specifications for each plan as SSD VPS. If you don’t know difference between SSD and HDD, you should be aware that SSD has no moving elements, it does not contain spinning components and it works a bit faster that HDD.

CPU1 vCore2 vCores2 vCores2 vCores4 vCores4 vCores4 vCores
PRICE3$ monthly6$ monthly10$ monthly20$ monthly40$ monthly80$ monthly160$ monthly
8.10$ quarterly16.20$ quarterly27$ quarterly54$ quarterly108$ quarterly216$ quarterly432$ quarterly
14.40$ Semi-Annually28.80$ Semi-Annually48$ Semi-Annually96$ Semi-Annually192$ Semi-Annually384$ Semi-Annually768$ Semi-Annually
25.20$ Annually50.40$ Annually84$ Annually168$ Annually336$ Annually672$ Annually1334$ Annually

Veesp Windows VPS

If you prefer Windows VPS, this is not a problem at all, Veesp offers quality and affordable Windows VPS. This product offers server management directly from HTML console, and it comes in several plans:

CPU2 vCores4 vCores4 vCores8 vCores8 vCores
Price20$ monthly40$ monthly80$ monthly140$ monthly280$ monthly
57$ quarterly114$ quarterly228$ quarterly399$ quarterly798$ quarterly
108$ semi-annually215$ semi-annually432$ semi-annually756$ semi-annually1512$ semi-annually
204$ annually408$ annually816$ annually1428$ annually2856$ annually


Veesp Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are made for advanced websites with high traffic volume and lots of visitors at the same time from various places. Veesp dedicated servers offer stability, security and fast performance. There are four plans available, you can check more details about each plan below:

CPUIntel Xeon L5630 x2Intel Xeon L5630 x2Intel Xeon L5640 x2Intel Xeon L5640 x2
Cores8c/16t 2.13/2.4Ghz8c/16t 2.13/2.4Ghz12c/24t 2.2/2.8Ghz12c/24t 2.2/2.8Ghz
Price120$ monthly150$ monthly210$ monthly260$ monthly
342$ quarterly427.40$ quarterly598.50$ quarterly740.90$ quarterly
648$ semi-annually810$ semi-annually1134$ semi-annually1404$ semi-annually
1224$ annually1530$ annually2142$ annually2652$ annually

Specifications of network for each plan are:

  • Brocade and Cisco equipment
  • Core capacity up to 1.6 Tbit/s
  • it uses MCT technology
  • detection and prevention of invasion
  • Maximum security,
  • 99.9 % Uptime

Besides hosting – Veesp offer following additional services:

  • DNS hosting – completely free
  • SSL certificates – more than ten available
  • Register Domains
  • cPanel licenses

SSL certificates are available for one or several domains. You can choose SSL certificates according to your needs. Comodo PositiveSSL is cheapest and has high compatibility for browsers. Other than this one, there are EV SSL, GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID, Symantec Secure Site and more.

Linux SSD VPS 4

This is my review of Linux SSD VPS 4 offered by Veesp company. You probably what to know as much as you can, so I can present all main features and specifications of this plan. Veesp offers easy to use and to navigate portable, you just need to choose and tick options you want and to untick those you don’t want to order, ordering a service from Veesp is very easy and user friendly.

Main features of Linux SSD VPS 4 are:

– CPU  4 vCores
– RAM of 4GB
– SSD 60GB storage
– Unlimited traffic
– Bandwidth of 200Mbps

Before order, you need to configure server. First, you must choose billing cycle. You can order it by month, by quarter, semi-annually or annually. If you want to test this server first, choose monthly billing cycle. After that, enter name of your host.

Next, you should choose server configuration. You can choose between CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, cPanel, Drupal, Joomla, LAMP, LNTP and more. Tick box for additional IP if you want additional IP address.

In the boxes below, enter your information, use promo code if you have any, and click continue. As you can see, ordering a service is easy and fast, you just need to wait for your new server to be deployed and served to you. If you are expeirenced user, you don’t have to order cPanel, but if you are beginner, it is highly recommended to use cPanel because so many things are easier to do with cPanel.

One of the best things about Veesp is that they have a blog on their website with lots of useful tutorials and guides for beginners. First, you can learn what VPS is and in what way it functions. You can read more about how to reinstall operating system, how to set up IP address, how to change size of disk space and after all, how to cancel your VPS if you are not satisfied with service. But, I hope this option will not be needed.

FREEVPS Benchmark Test




This test shows some basic information about the VPS including hostname, OS, kernel, virtualization, CPU type and speed, etc. Form that test I found out that KVM is utilized as the main software to handle virtualization. The vCPU part is showing similar result as the first test (freevps script). I belive all information above are easy to understand and you can see its awesomeness by yourself.



Done simple DD test twice and the result is seen above. That’s really a decent SSD speed. Fast enough to do almost any tasks those need fast storage drive like Varnish Cache, offloaded database hosting, etc.


I noticed something when it comes to speed, old package is on 100 mbps port, while new customers get 200 mpbs port. I just don’t understand while old customers don’t use 200 mpbs port, just like new customers.

DMCA Ignored VPS

I am aware that some websites need a hosting provider that ignores DMCA. DMCA is Digital Millenium Copyright Act, it is a U.S. law that protects copyright and copyrighted work. If you are aware that you are going to receive lots of DMCA takedown notices, and there are lots of offshore hosting companies that ingore DMCA because they don’t comply to U.S. law. If you need more about information about Veesp and DMCA ignore, contact their team and they will provide answer to all your questions.

Veesp UPTime Linux SSD VPS 4

Veesp UPTime Linux SSD VPS 4

Veesp provides uptime with guarantee of 99.9 %, according to service agreement and network specifications. This is also applied to Linux SSD VPS 4. Guarantee applies to service terms, not to entire invoice. This means that if you have several servers with Veesp, and you notice downtime on one of those servers, you will get refund for one server only.

Technical Support

I didn’t have a chance nor reasons to contact support because I didn’t have any issues with my server. VPS server is tweaked and setup for maximum performance, and according to their UPTIME, guarantee is 99.9 %. If you notice that uptime falls below 99.9 %, you will get a refund for that month. How cool is that? 🙂


If you already started your first website, you already know that shared hosting is more than enough for average costumers. But, if your website starts to grow, and you have lots and lots of visitors every day, shared hosting is not enough to sustain all that data transfer and flow. Because of this, you should consider to switch to stable and powerful VPS, and Veesp offers exactly that – good and reliable servers with very nice features and more than fifteen thousand customers all over the world. If you need Windows or Linux-based VPS or dedicated server for bigger projects, Veesp provides hosting plans and additional services for very affordable price.